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New! TextileArt around the world

‘TextileArt around the world’, the latest edition from Textile-link is published now! A unique collection of a great variety of worldwide textile art joined together in one book.

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Overview of published projects from Textile-link

Together we make books

Textile-link is a platform for artists and designers with a passion for textiles. You can upload images of your work in your own archive and thus stand a chance of publication of your work in one of the inspiring textile books, which will be published at Textile-link in the coming years. 

Submit for the new project

We are looking for artists working with felt from all over the world who wish to contribute by adding colour to the newest book project Worldwide colours of felt. After all, as the title indicates, colour is key in the new set-up of this project. In this publication we will arrange everything according to colour. This will create chapters with one colour as their main theme. The book is expected to have room for 800 to 1,000 works of art. Depending on the use of colour, participants will stand a chance to have one or more entries published.

Archives are open for all artists working with textile

Artists who work with textile disciplines other than felt are obviously more than welcome to upload their works for future projects as well.

There is an average of one publication per year and this is usually alternately a book on textile or a special on felt art. In the past four years Textile-link published two books about textile and and two specials about felt art.

Create your own archive

Making extraordinary books together to inspire, share knowledge and enjoy, that is the idea behind Textile-link.

  • Worlwide colors of felt

    For this project we collect works of art from felt artists from all over the world. Register to have the chance to get your work published.

    Autumn 2015

    Closing date by means of  the newsletter

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